Occasionally, even eagles need a push...some of the time! Direction Management Group helps leaders to develop their ideas into action plans, stay on target and provide the necessary coaching to inspire creativity. We help to execute ideas for success implementation. 

In this global economy networking is essential to business health and directly relates to an entrepreneur's net worth. Direction Management Group creates opportunities to build alliances with organizations, businesses and individuals for long term business success. 



Cultivating YOUR business success!

Good business leaders

create a vision,

articulate the vision,

passionately own the vision, and

relentlessly drive it to completion.

- Jack Welch 

Direction Management Group has unique experiences that help companies cultivate patterns of strategic thinking. We help to inspire ideas that propel growth and innovation. We challenge norms to reach break through performance. 


Inspire, Cultivate & challenge leaders

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business development consulting services

We provide consulting services for companies whether a start-up entrepreneur, nonprofit or a corporation. Our professional consultants have special expertise in strategic planning, financial analysis, executive level management, thought leadership development, process improvement, fund development, restaurant management, retail sales and more.